Diabetes can increase your chances of developing foot problems, as the nerve endings and blood supply to your feet may be affected over time. Most diabetic foot complications can be avoided if you look after your feet and have an annual Diabetic Foot Assessment to detect any problems early.

What will happen during a Diabetic Foot Screen and Assessment?

The podiatrist will ask you to remove your shoes and socks. She will then carry out a few quick, non-invasive tests to assess the nerves (i.e. feeling and sensation) and the circulation (i.e. blood supply) in your feet and lower limbs. You will be given advice on how to look after your feet and the podiatrist will answer any questions you may have about your foot health. The results can be passed on to your GP to keep in your medical records. The appointment usually takes 10-20minutes.

How do I book my Diabetic Foot Screen and Assessment?

You can call Feale Foot Clinic to arrange an appointment time that suits you. Please confirm on the phone that you are making the appointment for a Diabetic Foot Assessment.

I would strongly recommend you have your feet checked annually and this is a great opportunity to have the screening done by a heath professional that specialises in the foot and lower limb.

Take happy healthy steps and look after your lower limb and foot health!